LED Creations Interior LED Lights

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Blue LED Interior Lights.

I saw a Classified on VW Vortex for LED interior lights by LED Creations.  I liked the looks of the lights, but I know that working with LEDs can be a real pain.  If the voltage isn't exactly the same as the lights you're replacing, you must add resistors of the correct size and specifications.  LED Creations has done all the hard work for me.  All I have to do is install them. 



The tools you need are simple.  A small flathead screwdriver and a pair of needle nosed pliers or two.  I found both the extra pointy ones and the more blunt ones were useful.

Dome Light

Dome Light LEDs

The LEDs for the dome light come in three pieces, one for the center dome light and one each for the right and left side. 

Left or right side LEDs

The small LED also has polarity.  If you have it installed and it doesn't light, you need to flip it around the other way and it will light. The negative pole is not marked on the small light.

Center LEDs

The side with the black mark is the negative side.  If you install these and turn the switch on and it doesn't light, its because the polarity is wrong.  Flip the LED board and it will light up.

Back of the Center LEDs

Center LEDs

Before Photo

Removing Light Dome Lens

Gently pry the lens off using a flat head screwdriver.  Pry it from the front of the car, the side nearest the windshield.

After the lens is removed. 

These are the stock light bulbs.  Notice how the center bulb is suspended between two metal tabs with holes in them. 

LEDs Installed by daylight

Reading Lights

The reading lights in the back seat are nice, but not too useful.  They might as well match the dome lights.

Reading Light LED.

The negative pole is identified with the black mark.

Pry open the light from the "O" side

There is a clip on the side identified with the "Off" switch.  Press the part of the clip in with a screwdriver and the light will pop out.  Remove the whole light by disconnecting the wiring harness.

Light pried out

Close-up of the light pried out

Reading light removed

The bulb is visible from the side of the reading light.  carefully pry the metal tab back with the screwdriver and the bulb will pop out.

Close-up of the clip side of the reading light

Close-up of the plug side of the reading light

Reading light removed

LEDs installed

This part is kind of a pain.  Its hard to get the LED board in the reading light and lined up.  This is where the two pairs of needle nosed pliers came in handy. 

LEDs installed

Close-up of LEDs Installed

Testing the LEDs

Plug in the reading light into the wiring harness and test it.  If the polarity is wrong, then you get to remove the LED and flip it around.  I guessed correctly for one and not for the other.

Installed and lit


Interior of the car through the back hatch

Dashboard with the blue LEDs

Reading Light

Interior and Dash through the driver's door.

Update:  I got a second set of LEDs for the Trunk Light and the door markers.  Here's the installation and photos. Before you start the installation, make sure you disconnect the battery so you don't blow any fuses.  (I didn't do this and I did blow a fuse.  I figured it was easier to replace #17 fuse than it is to unhook the battery.  Silly me.)

Trunk Light 'Before

The plastic lens pries up from the side at the front of the vehicle.  Once its out, it looks like this.  You can then unplug the light from its harness.  Be careful not to let the harness plug fall back into the hole.  

Stock Light Unplugged

Once the light is in your hand, pull out the stock bulb and install the LED.  Plug in the harness to test that you have the polarity set correctly.  If it doesn't light, then flip the LED around.  It will then light up. 

Flash Photo of the blue LED.


Ambient shot of the trunk light with blue LED


Stock Door Marker.  Its borrrrinnnngggg

The stock door marker pries up from the bottom. The whole light housing comes out.  Unclip the lens and you can pry the bulb out gently with a small flathead screwdriver.

Lens comes right off

Be careful not to let the light housing fall back into the door panel.  It is a PAIN to get back through the hole.  Trust me.  You might find it easier to unplug the wiring harness and take the light housing out.  Put a set of forceps on the wiring harness plug or it will vanish into the door panel, never to be seen again.  (That's a little dramatic... You'll see it again, but most likely you'll have to remove the door panel to get it.  I fit the LEDs into the plug with the housing still plugged into the door. 

The New, Blue, LED Door Marker

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