Replacing Front Sway Bar Bushings on a MkIV GTI
Peter Beers

The front sway bar on a MkIV often causes problems before anything else in the front suspension. The bushings squeak and worn bushings develop a rather disturbing clunk. Replacing the bushings is a process that takes about an hour to do, tightens up the front end nicely and is quite cheap, so there's no reason not to do this on your GTI.

I looked into getting polyurithane bushings. I didn't find any on the market at this time. I looked at getting an aftermarket sway bar that fits the geometry of the lowered suspension. I decided not to spend the money. I'm happy with the setup I've got. I just wanted to make sure it is working properly.

Tools: You don't really need anything special to make this mod. You'll need a 16mm socket, a flathed screwdriver and a set of large-jaw vice grips.

Parts: New sway bar bushings are available at the dealer for about $13 each.

IMG_9994 IMG_9995 IMG_9998 IMG_9999 hMG_0011
IMG_9994.jpg         IMG_9995.jpg         IMG_9998.jpg         IMG_9999.jpg         hMG_0011.jpg        
jMG_0003 jMG_0004 jMG_0005 jMG_0006 jMG_0007
jMG_0003.jpg         jMG_0004.jpg         jMG_0005.jpg         jMG_0006.jpg         jMG_0007.jpg        
jMG_0008 jMG_0009 jMG_0010    
jMG_0008.jpg         jMG_0009.jpg         jMG_0010.jpg        

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