Stratford Hall Plantation: Stratford, Virginia

January 8, 2005

Here is our latest trip to Stratford Plantation: October 1, 2005

Stratford Hall is the boyhood home of Robert E. Lee. The land was purchased by Thomas Lee in 1717 and built Stratford hall in the 1730s. The home was placed a mile from the Potomac River so that it would be out of the reach of Pirates canons. Thomas Lee at one point owned more than 16,000 acres of land in Virginia. As it stands right now, the property is 1600 acres.

Stratford Hall from the back. This is actually the side that we approach from. Guests of the Lee's would have arrived from the river and been brought up in a carriage.

The formal gardens and the smoke house

Another look at the gardens

The west side of the house

The barns

This black walnut tree was here when Robert E. Lee lived in the home.

The side door

The working gardens. Grapes vines are still producing.



Side of the barns

Two very happy goats

The building on the right is the kitchen.


The barns

These are the quarters for the house slaves

Another view from the front

This is the family burial plot

At night the Lee family raises from the dead and moves these stones around.


Stratford Hall from the formal gardens



The kitchen and smoke house


Looking towards the Potomac

The octagon

Fields and one of the slave cabins

Closer shot of the slave cabins

The fields up to the house

Spring House for keeping food cool. Water trickles through and the evaporation cooled enough to help preserve.


Trail down to the river

Looking out over the Potomac. It is miles wide.

Looking up stream on the Potomac

Looking at the house from the front

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