Skyline Drive Hike

June 25, 2005

Mountain Laurel Weekend


Front Royal is a neat little town that is working hard to be a quaint tourist town. Most folks drive through town in order to get to Luray or onto Skyline Drive. Laura and I stopped and did some shopping before heading into the park. We found a great BBQ place (see the photos below). If their food is half as good as their smoker, then we'll be back there when they're open.

We've been slowly renovating the house. The hard part has been finding materials that we like at a good price. Laura found 5 antique doors made of rather rare chestnut wood about 6 months ago. She got them for a song. We had trouble finding door frames for them though. It somehow seemed really horrible to hang a beautiful door on a yellow pine doorframe. That problem was solved this weekend. We found a home salvage place that had 4 chestnut door frames and facings that match the doors perfectly. What's even better is that all of that was dirt cheap too. We stuffed the car and continued on our vacation.

The cool thing about this weekend on Skyline Drive was that it was Mountain Laurel Weekend. If you haven't been around when it is in bloom, you're missing something wonderful. There are a few photos below to give you an idea. Now imagine flowers like that EVERYWHERE in the woods. It looked and smelled wonderful. We did one of our favorite hikes down to some beautiful waterfalls. We were both tired from a stressful week and didn't want to go too far. We hiked for about 90 minutes. The deer were so tame we could have walked up and petted them. We didn't.

Lunch was spectacular. Mom will remember having lunch in the Skyland lodge. Though it wasn't blackberry season, we still got blackberry cobbler because we couldn't resist.

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