Shepherdstown, WV: Christmas Parade

December 2, 2004

Senator Bird of West Virginia is one of the most effective legislators at bringing Federal Government projects back home to his constituents in order to provide jobs and development possibilities. One of the things he has helped set up is a training facility for managers in the Federal Government. This facility is located in Shepherdstown, WV, about an hour from Washington, DC.

It just so happens that Laura had some training that she was taking in Shepherdstown at the end of November. I thought I'd go up and spend a day or so with her and be a tourist before heading home for a mountain bike ride. We picked a perfect weekend to hang out in Shepherdstown. As you might have noticed from the header on this page, we were there on the day of the Christmas Parade. We're not talking about a big town here. The parade was 6 blocks long and it lasted a surprising 30 minutes. In other words, half of the town was in the parade, the other half was watching the parade.

Before actually watching the parade, we went to the general store and did a little shopping. This place was wonderful. On Thursday night, Laura had been to a musical performance at the general store. In the back room, there are a bunch of rocking chairs where people can sit and listen to live music.

The General Store

Inside the front room

Some of the antique fixtures they sell

No General Store would be complete without a buffalo head with a bow, christmas bobbles and smoking a corncob pipe.

The back room where music performances are done.

Wine was on the fire. It smelled dang good.

Milo the cat has his own post card. He's obviously the one in charge.

We walked around town and found the waterfront. It consisted of an old mill, the water treatment plant and the new bridge being built to cross the Potomac.

The old mill and the water treatment plant.

From nearest to farthest: The really old bridge, the sort-of old bridge and the new bridge.

Finally we were ready for the parade.

The Public Library

The Shepherdstown Teachers College

Here comes the parade!

The highschool band sounded great

This is one really cold majorette.

The local daycare center were in the parade

People dressed their dogs up for the parade.

The other highschool band sounded pretty dang good too.

The cub scouts were there in force

Even the skaters got in on the parade.

A local band was driving around in their truck, playing music as they went.

They waved Laura and I down so that we could take their photo.

The unicycle guy was pretty amazing. He had jingle bells on his legs.

And what Christmas Parade would be complete wtihout Santa?

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