The Town of North East, Maryland and the Turkey Point Light House

March 2, 2005

Both Laura and I had way too much stuff to do this weekend. There's no way we'd ever get everything done. It was such a nice day that we ditched it all and headed for Northern Maryland and a nice hike in the woods with a wonderful seafood dinner. (As a side note, we ended up getting everything done anyways).

The town of North East is a small one poised at the top of a peninsula that leads down to Turkey Point in the Chesapeake Bay. I don't have a lot of history about the town, but it is a wonderful place to get some fresh seafood and antique shop. The mile or so hike to the lighthouse is beautiful and wooded. We'll be back some time soon. The seafood is worth the trip.

North East during rush hour.

This wonderfully restored home was definitely worth recording

I liked the indoor mall that looks like an old ally full of shops.

The lighthouse

Looking over the bay

it isn't to tall, but I guess it gets the job done.

Erosion of the cliffs

Enough with the lighthouse already!!!

This was taken from the edge of the cliffs. At the rate their falling, it isn't going to be too many years before the lighthouse must be moved.


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