Shopping for Antiques in Manassas, Virginia

February 16, 2005

The middle of February is a perfect time to spend shopping for antiques in the far suburbs of DC. Manassas, Virginia is about 30 miles west of DC and has a wonderful selection of strip malls, convenience stores and sports bars. It also has a rather nice historic district and a road that has 20 or more antique shops with prices better than what you can find closer in to DC.

We started our day in an Antique Mall at the top of the food chain. Most stores were filled with either beautiful unrestored pieces, or furniture that had been so skillfully restored that it could command top dollar.







We later moved down the road to a place with much more clutter and much more junk. We didn't see much that we liked here at all

This place was a riot. I'm sure there were a few nice pieces here. They were completely overshadowed by the wood dolphin, deer leg laps and vintage 1970s porn.


We hit paydirt at our next stop. Small, cluttered, largely unrestored and needing work. This place was wonderful.











One last stop made for a few finds, but mostly stuff that was out of our price range. On the good side, we found Wayne and Lisa a lot of good Christmas presents. ;) I have to explain this last comment. We got into the habbit of finding the weirdest and least appropriate Christmas gifts for two different friends. We never actually purchased them, we just photographed them and sent the photos. It is cheaper that way. Wayne loves golf stuff, and after years of buying him a really stupid golf gift (how could I top the potty putter?), I've actually given up and started sending him photos of the gifts that I find. Lisa is a friend with a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious laugh. It only makes sense to send her photos of rediculous things.

This cabinet was beautiful. They're in high demand these days, so this one was out of our price range.

This is Lisa's Christmas present.

This fine example of a 20th Century Wienermobile will definitely be a collectors item in about 300 years.

A weathervein for Wayne. Its pretty, isn't it?

Just in case Wayne decides to take up smoking in his golden years... Here's a place to put his pipe.


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