Fort Frederick: Big Pool, Maryland

January 1, 2005

They say that what you do on New Years will be what you do all year long. For Laura and I, we celebrated with friends on New Years Eve, then went on an outing New Years Day. Our trip this time was to Fort Frederick, just west of Hagerstown, Maryland in the small town of Big Pool.

Fort Frederick was the Maryland Frontier during the French and Indian wars in the 1750s and 60s. It was used as a prison during the Revolutionary war. It was sold in 1791 and used as a farm for over 130 years. In the early 1920s, it was restored by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is now a Maryland State Park run by the Department of Natural Resources.

The park adjoining Fort Frederick is called Big Pool. True to its name, there is a big pool of water that is actually a beaver dam. They have a camp ground and a place to rent canoes. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal runs through the middle of the park.

The fort from the distance

Gift shop

Out buildings


Peeping through the gate at the barracks.

And again

Nice looking baracks, eh? That's as close as we got to them.

The aformentioned gates

The restored walls

The barracks from the outside of the walls

One of the battlements

Another look




The CCC Museum

Front steps of the CCC Museum

Museum and the fort


The C&O Canal

Another look at the C&O Canal

Beaver dam at Big Pool

Potomac River

Looking downstream on the Potomac

Sunset at the Potomac

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