United States Capitol Building: Washington, DC

November 26, 2004

We were touristing with our friends Marina, Cliff and Tristan and got a personal tour of the US Capitol given by my wife. I hadn't been in the Capitol for years and it was great to see it with a new eye.

One thing that really stood out to me was the amount of security around the place. Post 9/11 has brought many armed guards throughout and surrounding the building. I was quite impressed, but not entirely suprised by the number of officers that I saw.

On with the pictures...

The Capitol at Sunrise... taken a few days after our original visit.

Another early morning shot of the capitol

I always thought the Washington Monument was taller

The Capitol Building looks so large in all the travel brochures, but Cliff really dwarfs the building.

Tristan makes it look really small. There were a bunch of tiny tourists on the mall that day. You can see them standing behind him.

Who would have known that we had such tall friends!

That's more like it. :) Must have had a setting wrong on my camera.

After going through security we entered the Capitol from the west side.

The view of Washington, DC is great from the capitol.

The dome is quite impressive

Everyone loves to look at it.

The art work depicts scenes from American History

I know, I know... quit taking photos of the dang dome

The statuary room has an interesting affect. If you stand in one place and a friend stands across the room in a very specific spot, when one of you whispers, the other can hear you perfectly even though you're 50 feet away.

We're thinking of getting a chandalier like this for our dining room.


One last morning shot of the Capitol.

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