Vintage Hill Climb race, Tende, France
Peter Beers

Sorry for all the photos. There are 5 pages of them. You can tell that I'm a car nut for sure. Herb and I had a blast at this place. I took almost 1000 photos today. I only posted the really good ones.

Josy and Laura went to a festival and to the beach for the day. Herb and I went to a vintage car race hill climb in the town of Tende. The girls had a great time being girls. Us boys had an awesome time being boys. :D

The cars were amazing. One guy was racing his 1932 Bugatti open-wheel race car. It was in gorgeous shape and it really ran pretty well. One guy had an awesome BMW 2002 ti that really flew up the mountain. A guy with a classic Mini Cooper was one of the fastest -- much faster than guys with 600 hp Porsches. He had the right tool for the job.

The best by far was a guy in a black Opel. The car was kinda cool, but the amazing thing was how he drove. The course had a series of 9 switchbacks. This guy spun the wheels through the first 5 that we could see. He drifted through the whole course. He probably wasn’t the fastest, but he sure was the most fun to watch.

We met up with the women and had a really nice dinner in a really nice restaurant. It was a great way to finish off a great day.

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This is what I'd like my BMW to look like (and drive like) someday.

This is the 1932 Bugatti Race Car

This is the Mini that was so very fast up the mountain.

This was the Opel that was so fun to watch. I swear he went through 4 sets of tires in 6 runs up the mountain.


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