Arabian Horse Show
Peter Beers

Saturday was a day for being mellow. We went to the beach and took Herb’s inflatable boat out in the water for the first time. We had fun rowing around the protected little cove. We got some swimming in and generally had fun relaxing on the beach.

Laura and I had a blast grocery shopping. It is always an adventure in another country.

We’d seen posters all week for the Arabian Horse show this weekend. Josy and Laura really wanted to go. I thought it would be cool since I’d spent a bit of time in my youth having fun with my Aunt Ann and her horses. We spent 3 hours walking around and watching the competition. These horses are beautiful!!!

The show and competition does not involve any riding. The horses are paraded in and run around the show ring. They get points for the spirited way that they run. They then are required to do some poses that show off their neck and head. This requires that the horse mellow out completely and be very calm. The horse then runs around with the handler and shows off its energy. People in the crowd have nose makers that really energize the horses. They then need to calm down again and do the poses again. It takes a very good horse to do well in both the slow and fast parts of the show. It is really fun to watch.

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