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Today we drove up to the little town of Lucéram, a little ways up in the hills north of Nice. It was a beautiful little medieval town perched on the side of a hill… like so many you find in France. We walked around, had a drink in a little café and explored the narrow winding streets.

Streets in these little towns are really just shallow stairways that are 6-8 feet wide. Most are not too steep, but they all either go up or down. None are flat for very long. These towns are usually at least 3-400 years old. Some are as much as 700 years old.

From Lucéram, we started driving up the Col de Turini. This is a mountain pass that goes up through the Turini forest to a ski resort. It isn’t a huge ski resort, since the altitude isn’t really high, but it is good enough to stay in business and it has the benefit of being the closest ski resort to Nice.

The Col de Turini is a famous road. It has been part of the Tour de France bicycle race and much of it is still part of two stages of the Rally Monte Carlo (part of the World Rally Championship car race). Even though the rally had been more than two months ago, you could still see the rubber on the road where the race cars had slid around the turns. Turns that we were taking at 20mph were taken in these rally cars at closer to 100. Some time I’d love to come to France and watch the rally. Seeing and driving on these roads was definitely a dream come true.

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