First day in Menton
Peter Beers

We took off from Dulles yesterday for our summer trip to the south of France. Iberia Airlines is definitely the way to go. The Airbus A-320 we were flying in seemed brand new. There wasn’t a spot on the upholstery and everything worked. Dinner was pretty good and best of all, they gave us free wine. :D

We spend 3 hours in the Madrid airport waiting for our connecting flight to Nice. It wasn’t that bad. The airport is gorgeous and the seats were comfortable. I got us a few bottles of water and a snack. We chilled till our flight left. The little plane was nice and the service was great. It was an hour and 20 minute flight and we got a snack and drinks.

We finally arrived in Nice and it was so great to be picked up by Herb and Josy. We were pretty exhausted by this time and didn’t feel much like catching a train and then hiking to the apartment. We could have done it, but it wouldn’t have been pleasant. Getting chauffeured home was the perfect answer.

We relaxed in Josy’s apartment for the afternoon and evening and had a great dinner. We went for a walk even though neither of us really felt like it. I was really glad we did. The town is beautiful, the company was great and we needed to move our muscles a bit. We finally crashed for the night at 9pm and slept for 12 hours. That did a good job toward getting rid of the jetlag for me. I felt pretty much normal after that.

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