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Anyone who knows me, knows how I always love a good road trip.  This page documents some of my trips with my friends and family. This page is to document all the places I go and things I see that manage to find their way in front of my camera.

Personal Photo Album

These are photos of my family and friends. I also probably have the best documented kittens in the entire world. Click on that photo album and you'll see what I mean. ;)

Princess Gracie, Supreme Being of the Universe

Mountain Bike Road Trips

Nothing makes me happier than going somewhere with my mountain bike on the roof of the car. Right now this site has some local rides on it. I've also got a link to some other rides in Colorado and Utah. I'll add more stuff as I get time.

My friend Craig at Rosaryville


Vacation Road Trips

I've got a few things up on the vacation roadtrip page. I've started wtih some tourist sites around Washington, DC. It'll grow as I get time to post up photos.

World War II Memorial in Washington, DC


My other Web sites.

Frank Lloyd Wright Road Trip


Mountain Bike Fruita


Volkswagen Road Trip


What's New

9/11/2006: I added some photos of the lights at the Pentagon commemorating the 5th anniversary of the 911 attacks.

6/11/2006: I added photos and a write-up for this year's 24 Hours of Big Bear mountain bike race.

5/24/2006: 495 Jump Trial photos are UP!

5/22/2006: Black Hill/Hoyles Mill/Schaeffer Farms ride is POSTED!

4/29/2006: This year's Fruita Trip is up.

04/09/2006: I added another Gambrill Ride.

03/12/2006: I added photos of our ride at Gambrill State Park.

02/12/2006_ I added some photos from a snow ride that Chris and I did.

12/28/2005: Don't miss our trip to the Northern Neck of Virginia. There are some cool photos.

10/4/2005: We made a day trip to Stratford Plantation.

10/2/2005: Dang it! I posted another EF ride. That's two in a row even though it has been almost 3 months.

7/10/2005: Elizabeth Furnace ride is UP! The turned out pretty well.

7/02/2005: Our Avalon Ride is Posted.

6/30/2005: I put some photos of Laura and I going hiking on Skyline Drive last weekend during Mountain Laurel Weekend.

6/30/2005: Jason and I went for a weird ride on the Hoyles Mill Connector. Don't miss the photos!

6/21/2005: Our race report for the 24 hour race at Big Bear is up and ready to be seen.

6/4/2005: I added photos of the Hoyles Mill Workday on the page.

5/16/2005: I've added my road trip photos to Fruita and St. George as well as maps of Lodi Farms from the 12 Hours of Lodi Race in Fredericksberg, VA.

4/16/2005: Hoyles Mill Jump Trail Photos are up on the web site.

04/12/2005: Cherry Blossoms, Dumbarton Oaks, and Georgetown trips are up on the web site.

03/27/2005: My beloved Ellsworth Truth mountain bike is up for sale.

03/23/2005: I did a reconnaissance mission by foot to see the White and blue Trails at Fountainhead. I posted up photos and maps. These trails are NOT open to bikes.

03/20/2005: I posted our ride for Black Hills, Hoyles Mill and Schaeffer Farms.

03/20/2005: I've got photos up of Project Eyesore. Enjoy.

03/19/2005: I posted up a map of Black Hills, Hoyles Mill Connector and Schaeffer Farms trails. We had a great ride there today. I'll post up photos tomorrow.

03/16/2005: Fountainhead photos are up.

03/14/2005: Another Great Falls and Riverbend ride is up.

3/9/2005: Great Falls and Riverbend Photos are up.

3/7/2005: I finally got off my backside and posted up some of the trips Laura and I have done lately. We went antiquing in Manassas, Virginia. We walked around the East Wing of the National Gallery, and we had a great day in North East, Maryland looking at the Turkey Point Lighthouse.

3/02/2005: I put a lot up tonight. Scottie's Cake arrived. We drove to get Jason's Haro and I picked up my Karate Monkey Frame.

2/26/2005: Wakefield Trail Work Day is up on the web site.

2/19/2005: New Greenbrier photos are up from this weekend's ride.

2/16/2005: I've added some photos of my new single speed frame. Its kinda cool. I'm looking forward to riding it.

2/12/2005: Elizabeth Furnace Ride is up! We had a great turn out for a club ride. The mountain was pretty challenging, but for the most part we pulled through without a scratch.

2/6/2005: Greenbrier State Park was a great place for a Snow ride. It got pretty slushy out there since the temp got almost to 60. We sure had fun though.

2/5/2005: Laura and I went to the Londontown Archeological Excavation and Historical Park in Edgewater, Maryland. Mr. Photo Geek took his camera. ;)

2/3/2005: The first night, snow ride on the tandem since it was rebuilt.

2/2/2005: New tandem photos are up.

1/24/2005: I've added some maps of Wakefield and Accotink Park.

1/23/2005: Rosaryville State Park Snow Ride has been added to the page. These photos are pretty cool.

1/22/2005: I added a map of Great Falls and Riverbend Parks from a mountain bike ride that we did January 16th.

1/15/2005: The Brass Knob Antique Shop has a Warehouse in Washington, DC that sells a lot of unfinished and unrestored antiques. Taking a trip there is quite an adventure. I also added photos from our trips to Fort Frederick, Maryland and Stratford Hall Plantation in Virginia.

1/8/2005: Greenbrier State Park ride. Great rock garden photos.

1/5/2005: I added a generic Greenbrier page. I'll finish it up soon.

1/2/2005: Another great ride at Greenbrier State Park. I also added some new photos of Gracie and Mao.

12/31/2004: I added a map of Greenbrier State Park.

12/28/2004: I posted a VERY useful map of the trails at Wakefield Park.

12/26/2004: Elizabeth Furnace ride.

12/18/2004: The MORE Christmas ride was this weekend. The photos are up!

12/12/2004: Another ride at Greenbrier State Park.

12/09/2004: I made something from nothing and thought I'd post up about it.

12/07/2004: Project Phoenix begins.

12/06/2004: I've added the Shepherdstown, WV Christmas Parade to the web site.

12/05/2004: We had a great ride at Greenbrier State Park near Frederick, Maryland.

12/03/2004: I added the US Capitol, Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the US Department of Commerce to my vacation page.

12/02/2004: I just put up some cool day shots and some Amazing night shots of mountain biking at Wakefield and Accotink.

12/01/2004: I've added the Korean War Memorial to the web site.

11/29/2004: Buzzard Rocks are fun to ride upon. Find out why.

11/24/2004: I've posted up some photos of a trip to the New Annex of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

11/20/2004: Photos from the Richmond Epic are up.

11/19/2004: I added a page for Bicycle Repair and included using a BMX chain and half link on my Single Speed bicycle as well as the beginnings of the review of a new lighting system from Laser Edge Lighting.

11/18/2004: Wakefield Night Ride photos. This time I did some time exposures. They're interesting...

11/13/2004: Lake Accotink Regional Park Ride

11/09/2004: Wakefield Park Night Ride.

11/04/2004: Frederick Watershed Ride is up and posted. The jumps are really cool.

10/25/2004: World War II Memorial is up on the web site on the Vacation Roadtrip page.

10/25/2004: Fall Trip to Skyline Drive is up on the web site.

10/09/2004: Schaeffer Farms Ride

9/25/2004: Rosaryville State Park ride. This is our first time to this park.

Thanks for reading. Please drop me an e-mail if you've got questions or comments.