Harold Price Jr. House
Peter Beers

Harold Price Jr. House "Hillside": Bartlesville, Oklahoma 1953

While building the Price Tower for his father, Harold Price Jr. had Wright design and build a home for him on the outskirts of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Storrer describes Hillside as "a large "L" plan, with a two-story living room." We'll have to take his word for it because the home is not visible from the street. The gate definitely lets you know that you've found the correct driveway. The floor plan in Storrer's book shows a kitchen that may be the largest of any Wright home that I've encountered. Storrer also says that William Wesley Peters made an addition to the house.

The only view available of the Price Jr. House.

As I was wondering the neighborhood looking for a view of the Price house, I found a home that appears to be designed by one of Wright's apprentices. You can see the photos of it HERE.

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