Bradley House: Kankakee, Illinois (S.052)

The Bradley house and stable were built in 1900. According to Storrer, it is also called "Glenlloyd".The house and stable are built next door to the Hickox house in Kankakee, Illinois. Asside from being really cool to say, the town of Kankakee is kind of a neat place. The outskirts have a bit of modern American strip-mall architecture, but the old section is really pretty nice.

The Bradley house appeared to be a legal office when I saw it in 2003. Mrs. Bradley was the sister of Mrs. Charles Roberts (S.040 and 041) and Warren Hickox (S.056).

Storrer describes the house as a cruciform with the main axis as the living room and kitchen and the cross axis as the dining room and reception area. Each end of the cross has its own screened porch. This home appears to have had some design influence on the Willits house (S.054).

This home is one of the transitional designs that Wright built that really signaled the beginning of the prairie school of architecture.




This photo was taken from the banks of the Kankakee River that border the property.

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